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Why Artificial Intelligence is the Disruption Orthopedics Needs Today

Learn how AI is streamlining the entire orthopedic surgical process so medical device companies can reduce inefficiencies, improve accuracy, and eliminate expensive bottlenecks in the surgical planning process to meet the exponential increase in demand for orthopedic surgeries.

What’s Inside?

This ebook contains information on the following technological advancements in artificial intelligence and can help answer questions like:

  • How do we address the impending orthopedic surgeon shortage crisis?
  • How can we reduce inefficiencies and improve the accuracy of patient-matched solutions during pre-operative planning?
  • How can we eliminate expensive bottlenecks and streamline medical device inventory planning?
  • How can AI boost robot-assisted surgery accuracy and efficiency?
  • How can we redesign post-op patient care and the future of implant design?

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Improve your Surgical Planning Process

Learn how artificial intelligence can reduce inventory, patient risk, and help the operation overall run more smoothly. From case management to 3D modeling, the manual processes in place are incredibly time consuming and they don't have to be. By leveraging data-driven insights to improve patient care, we can reduce the considerable cost and resource burden on orthopedic surgeons and hospitals today. And with more demand for orthopedic surgeries but fewer surgeons to perform them - how can the United States healthcare system prepare? Whether your medical device company is a large-scale enterprise powerhouse or an independent operation run by a small team of talented professionals, investing in artificial intelligence is essential to scaling your business and addressing this impending shift in the system.